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Sep 01, 2019


Olivia Peralta
Marc Amstrong
Shuoping Shi

Master Students
Keio University Graduate school of Media Design.


According to Waste Atlas, each person in Japan produces an average of 356.2kg of waste per year and, as a whole, Japan generates 45,360,000 tons of municipal waste per year however Japan doesn’t have enough space for landfills for these amounts of waste and as a result, they created a waste separation system which aims to reduce the amount of waste that is produced. But the reality is that not even locals or long-time residents follow the rules due to level of complexity and a lack of understanding, and as a result, the government ends up with more waste than recyclable materials.

“Japan has one of the most complex waste separation system in the world, it varies depending on your location where you might need to separate up to 10 different types of waste and the pick-up schedule changes for each neighbourhood.“