Power Plant

Synthetic biology is the future of energy.


May 01, 2019


Catalina Lotero
Marcelo Padovani
Asuka Muramatsu
Chris Gao
Siyu Zhang
Qi Chai
Atsushi Futatsuki
Olivia Peralta
Yuki Minegishi
Matthew Waldman

Master Students
Keio University Graduate school of Media Design.


The Raiki project is a biological microgrid for underprivileged urban and areal areas that takes advantage of the natural functions of plants combined with energy harvesting technology. The biological plant design is based on the research of current tree functions, triboelectric technology, incorporating data on wind velocities, and leaf shape analysis.

The Raiki project has been presented at The Biodesign Challenge in New York, Dubai Design Week in Dubai and Design Indaba in Cape Town.