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May 01, 2019


Jiaqing Chen
Jiaxin Guo
Natcha Saiwilai
Tran Hoang Bao Chau
Xuanjin Gao
Yoko Sasagawa
Ziyi Zhang

Master Students
Keio University Graduate school of Media Design.

Victor Nugraha

Matthew Waldman


Nowa Alfré is the new bioplastic made from extractions of bird saliva and other environmentally-friendly ingredients, created to reduce plastic use and food waste with its unique feature of dissolubility in water.

OUR STORY – The birth of Nowa Alfré is tightly connected with the issue of our local plastic waste, that is Japan being the second in the world for plastic packaging waste per capita.

Everything begins on the day when we found out that a kind of bird named Grey Jay can use its saliva for food preservation. We went on to probe the possibility of applying different compounds of bird saliva to create biodegradable packaging. Fortunately, we managed to make dissolvable bioplastic in the trials and testings at home.

Now, Nowa Alfré is ready for the next stage.


To build a more biodegradable society, Nowa Alfré is meant to replace non-biodegradable traditional plastics with edible and eco-friendly packaging materials to achieve more sustainable development goals.

Watching Nowa Alfré melting instantaneously in hot water encouraged us to picture the future of replacing plastic packages of our daily staple food such as rice, pasta and more. Moving forward to laboratory tests and experiments will help Nowa Alfre make remarkable progress in solving the problem of food waste by providing more efficient protection for food and reducing waste.

As Japan is making efforts to reach more SDG goals in 2030 as well as many other countries, we believe that the creation of Nowa Alfré will have a unique contribution to reducing plastic waste as well as food waste.

TECHNOLOGY – Coming soon 🙂

We are actively researching chemical components in birds’ saliva especially grey jay.



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