There are no limits to the human imagination.

Modulus is an advanced human enhancement service born out of the desire to defy the barriers of our morphological freedom.

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When the possibilities are limitless, so are we.

At Modulus, we identified a need for making self-expression affordable and accessible as a means of empowering people. During our ambitious beginnings in 2020, we delved into improving the science of gender reassignment surgery, understanding fully the impact of living life in contradiction to one’s selfhood.

From there, we branched out into other forms of human augmentation and enhancement services, pioneering further research into the ways humans can build their own uniqueness, barring any limitations.

Today, we are the leading service for mental, physical, and genetic human enhancements.

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Imagine a world inhabited by a society of people augmented in ways that benefit not only themselves but everybody else. We offer an extensive catalogue of treatments and enhancements designed to help you release your potential and level the playfield.

Type 1 – Wellness

Synthetic biology has offered new possibilities in the medical field. The main goal of our research lab has always been to find new ways of improving the human condition. Through a process of equalization and supplementation, we believe in breaking down the social stratifications that limit some while benefiting others.

These services are government-funded and made available to the masses.


Equality is part of our core identity at Modulus; it served as the driving force of our principal research. Our goal is to help uplift the sectors of society that have been disenfranchised, whether they be regular humans, patients who’ve suffered tragic illness or trauma from an accident, or people who were born with infirmities—by leveling the playing field with our bio-medical solutions we can break down any barriers.


Supplementation is the next step to equalisation. These enhancements were created to enable a person to accomplish things that are already humanly possible—in ways that exceed the human capacity. Elevating the playing field will enable us to redefine the human experience and the limits of what we think should be achievable: Our strength, speed, endurance, and five senses can all be supplemented in intuitive ways.


Our top of the line gene mapping technology has given scientists and medical professionals a more refined understanding of the human genome. We’ve made it possible to perform targeted DNA reconstruction with the aim of improving the body’s natural performance while preventing hereditary diseases. This redefined genetic expression has the advantage of being passed down to one’s offspring, creating a ripple effect of refinement for generations to come.

Type 2 – Transcendence

What if it was possible to have experiences that go beyond the normal or physical capabilities we were born with? With the help of Modulus, using biomimicry and removable implants, it is now possible to exceed our given human abilities and to defy biological limitations.


Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) provide a superior level of sensory sensitivity and the ability to process a greater amount of data related to their environment, thus enhancing situational awareness. BCIs are also used for controlling artificial limbs for the disabled and reversing paralysis through a neural bypass that allows the brain to communicate directly with the muscles.


Using biomimicry, we have modernized the art of taking cues from wildlife. By recreating biomimetic animal parts and through stem cell research, we allow people to modify their bodies to either enhance their health, bodily performance, or personal identity. These augmentations are also used to better understand different species, and give us the ability to heighten our senses.


Going beyond human capability is at the core of transcendence. For example, we have created synthetic blood that is capable of carrying more oxygen than regular blood, but also improves on many other core functions. These augmentations can alter human physiology at its most fundamental level. Genetic engineering also allows us to produce artificial muscles or bones.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Growing up, I had ambitions of becoming a professional athlete—but I was born deaf and had a congenital defect that left one of my legs severely underdeveloped. I still achieved my dreams many years ago by becoming a paralympic swimmer, but after marrying my longtime girlfriend, I realized I had a new purpose: Hearing my daughter’s first words. I have always been proud of the added definition that my leg prosthesis gives me, but with Modulus’ help, I’ve added a new dimension to my life by reversing my impaired hearing. I’ve already succeeded in reaching my career goals, and now I get to witness my daughter’s most precious milestones.”
Gerard Hernandez

Paralympic Swimmer

“I was involved in a freak accident while deployed as a firefighter to extinguish an escalating bushfire. I sustained a lot of lasting injuries, which over time left significant burn scarring and permanent disfigurement. Modulus reached out to offer me a free transplant, which I appreciated, but I was surprised to find that they not only fitted me with a revitalized skin replacement—they also transformed my flesh to be more fire-resistant. The procedure restored my self-confidence, and I’ve been finding it easier to move past my trauma and proceed with my job with greater optimism.”
Celia David

Wildland Firefighter

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