Melati Z



September 19, 2019


Darang Melati Z, Master Student
Keio University Graduate school of Media Design.


“I always use a direction board vs a moodboard in my design process”

ABOUT – Master Student in Keio Media Design, now focusing on 3D visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Previously, Darang has been active creating and directing documentary films since 2013, most of them tells about social and culture life in Indonesia. She loves participate in several film competition and film workshop.

She also has won several competition in Indonesia and Japan such as Metro Tv Eagle Documentary Award for her film entitled “Hikayat dari Ujung Pesisir”, Visual Documentary Project III award held by CSEAS Kyoto University for her films “The last Generation” and JENESYS 2.0 program by Japan Foundation entitled “Blinds Clue”.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE – Since 2013 Focus on Documentary film production in Indonesia. Now, Darang wants to combine documentary field with Virtual reality for her research study.