Modulus : building your uniqueness

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Modulus is a fictional future company pioneering human augmentation.

Modulus believes in humanity’s freedom to adapt and change, and the possibility to enhance both our physical and mental abilities while simultaneously creating a more inclusive society.


Modulus was born out of the need for society to overcome the limitations of binary genders and has evolved to pioneer research in morphological freedom.

Our story begins in 2020 when we decided to make gender reassignment surgery more accessible and affordable to the masses. We identified a societal problem and worked towards empowering people and changing their lives Рthat is our mission, believing in humanity’s freedom and potential to adapt, and enabling it.

Now, we are leaders in mental, physical and genetic enhancements.


Our differences are our connectable parts. Together it creates the intricate machine that we deem society. In Modulus, we believe that human augmentation represents our right to choose how we differ from everybody else; it allows you to build your uniqueness. Diversity is what gives our world dimension‚ÄĒhelp us redefine it.

Modulus¬†comes from the word modular. It originated in 1798 as a term in mathematics, “pertaining to modulation,” from French¬†modulaire¬†or directly from Modern Latin¬†modularis, from Latin¬†modulus¬†“a small measure,” diminutive of¬†modus¬†“measure, manner”. Meaning “composed of interchangeable units”.


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