BioDesign Challenge 2020


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Biodesign Challenge is an education program and competition that is shaping the first generation of biodesigners.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Science Sandbox Prize for Public Engagement
The Science Sandbox Prize for Public Engagement is awarded to the team whose project best explores the multitude of impacts biotechnology can have on society. Projects should amplify public discussion on desirable and undesirable biotech futures. Students should engage audiences with projects that challenge cultural norms around human identity, social relationships, and ultimately humanity’s place in the living world.

For this year BioDesign Challenge,  we decided to work on a Speculative idea that sparks a social conversation around the relationship between the human body and technology.

With the current advances in Synthetic Biology, science is opening new possibilities for the human race with new technologies that aim to erase the natural limitations we were born with by altering the human body in ways that were not possible before.

These are ideas that transhumanism had explored during the last 20 years as a philosophical movement. Transhumanists are in favor of modifying the human body and mind to create a new specie called “PostHuman”, which could be the next step in the human evolution.

There is a lot of discussion around what are the ethical, political and technological reasons for going forward or against the idea of Transhumanism and their goal of creating PostHumans. And these are the topics we want to explore with our project.

We are set to explore and imagine what the future would look like as a society where you could be able to modify or alter your body.

What problems would this create? Would it be able to solve some of the current problems? And more importantly, How far should we go?


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