Our fourth material trial was a test we designed ourseleves. Since mycelyum has become so popular we wanted to test if a fungi like Koji could have similar properties and maybe become a material itself.


Because it’s so easy to find in Japan, finding a material made of Koji would be ideal. Koji is used to make sake, miso and many other traditional japanese food.¬†

After testing it we realized the fungi could work, however japanese use up all of the koji product and bi-product when cooking so we realized there wasn’t an opporunity for us to use koji and make it sustainable.


The material we got was very slimy and unstable. 




Step one

We broke up pieces of cardboard into long fibers. 


Step two

We placed the cardboard strips in the bottom of a tray.


Step three

We poured Koji on top of the cardboard and waited a week.